Our Services

Once we have a clear insight of your requirements, we proceed to customize the guide for your city and business sectors. 


Web Development: 

We develop and maintain your portal, making sure your code and security features are up to date and standard. 


Mobile Application Development: 

Creating a downloadable mobile application for your portal offers numerous benefits: 


1- Send push notifications directly to the app users’ phones. 

2- Easy access to the guide and online stores.

3- Allow easy navigation through-out your city by allowing landmarks and businesses to be found via GPS.

4- Allow users to view any updated content (images, texts, videos) in real-time, without requesting an update. 

5- Despite the fact that you will potentially have thousands of images on your portal, the mobile app download size will be less than 5 MB. 

6- Easy access to the guide and online stores.


Data Entry

For a small fee we can provide you with data entry to start you off with a portal that is filled with data and some of the local businesses in your city.