How Businesses Benefit

Why would a business sign up with you? 

There are, in fact, many reasons a business will benefit from collaborating with you and your portal. 

All businesses need online exposure. 

Online exposure comes in different ways, and is used for different purposes. 

The aim of any form of marketing is to gain both, new business, and repeat business. 

Let’s discuss client behavior for a moment. If a client is searching for a service or product, and they rely on a search engine to find what they’re looking for. In this scenario, the client is open to being introduced to a new business.

Your portal will allow these businesses to appear on search engines. 

Having one spot on a search engine can be seen has having one fishing net thrown into the sea. 

Your portal, since it relies on the key words all your businesses use, has countless fishing nets all being cast simultaneously. 

Your client will benefit from his keywords appearing on search engines, as well as the keywords of complementary businesses and competitors. 

(e.g. someone interested in wedding dresses, will also be looking for a venue, florists, car rentals, hair and make-up, etc…)