Your Own Online Business

Become the leading guide and directory for your city and its business sectors. Appear on search engines and drive traffic to your portal.



Promote Local Businesses

Allow businesses to upload contact info, web / social media links, unlimited images, videos, and keywords to increase their online web presence.

Encourage Local Tourism

Create a tourism guide, providing images, videos, description and locations for all historical landmarks and tourist attractions in your region.

Sell Online

Create online stores for products, services, tickets, reservations, downloadable content and more.

Start Your Online Business Now - Book your City

Online City Life creates portals and directories for you to market your local city and its business sectors.

Provide businesses with access to upload their contact info, social media and website links, descriptions of their goods and services, as well as upload unlimited photos and videos. 

Book Your City Now Before Someone Else Grabs It

Every city or area can be given to one entrepreneur only. You can have your business up and running within one week,  both website and web app.  Feature packed website and web app, with possibility for android and IOS mobile apps on demand. An eCommerce store to sell your products linked to your PayPal account.  A complete online business ready to start earning immediately.

Website & App

Your own online business ready made. A full pictured directory website about your city, complete with android and IOS mobile apps. Start monetizing your website from day one.

Business Pages

Create categories and sub-categories for each business sector. Allow businesses to upload unlimited photos, videos, and information about themselves, their goods and services.

Sell Online

Allow users to purchase products, tickets, e-books,  and services online. Categorize and customize your offerings. Users have online payment, and cash on delivery options.

Where to go

Users can find where to eat, hotels, where to shop for clothes, shoes, gifts, find a service easily, or just enjoy a day at a resort, beauty spa or cinema. It’s all there in your website

Encourage Tourim

Local attractions and where to go, is important information that you can add to your portal, making it a reference for locals and visitors alike.


List events in your cities to make your website more interactive and a place where users can rely on to know what is happening in their areas.

Offers & Promotions

Let local businesses create offers & promotions regularly for their products qand services, attracting more traffic to your website.

Blog & Advetorials

Create an interesting blog about your city, about its culture and traditions, share stories and sell advertorials to interested companies in your area.

Beyond the Ordinary

A great & fun online business to make money, complete with a mobile app.

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Complete Online Business

Minimal Startup Capital

A small investment for buying the website and mobile app, saving you time and money on building your own website. All you need is some marketing money to launch your portal and start earning immediately.

Complete Turnkey Business

Along with the website, we provide you with tons of articles and pdfs showing you how to market your business to start earning immediately. All done for you, so that you can start with minimal time and learning curve. All the material are hands on training to help complete beginners launch successfully their online business.

Unique Business Idea

There may be tons of directories out there, but none is as extensive as the city online pictured guide. We have given you a very unique idea which have taken a lot of time and creativity to produce. You have the ability to add any new category you like making it more unique and your very own.

Friendly Back end Admin

Your back end admin is the dashboard where you control your online city portal. We created the admin panel to be very user friendly, so that anyone can use it with ease and simplicity. You can very easily add new business pages, categories, sub categories, photos, and add your advertising banners or scripts.

Separate Blog & Ecommerce Store

We have used woo commerce to add your estore, as woo commerce is proven to be one of the easiest and most used ecommerce stores on the web. We also added a blog which can be controlled from a different backend than the portal, allowing you to easily add articles, posts and advertorials to your business, creating an extra source of income.

You can sell anything you like from digital downloads, to drop shipping products and getting paid directly to your Paypal or to your bank account. We don’t take any commissions or fees.

Friendly Technical Support

While you focus on your business, we focus on the technical part. We will take care of your hosting, updating your software, and maintaining the technical aspect of your business all for a low yearly fee.


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Our Company have been providing business solutions online since 1997. We put all our expertise at your service to ensure that you have a great service so that you can focus on your business, while we focus on the technical issues.

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